Fender Super-Sonic 22 1x12" 22-watt Tube Combo Amp - *Upgraded Jensen Speaker*

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Fender turned heads a few years back when they crammed two classic amps and the high gain crunch of modern amps into one box. Well, they re-tooled the Fender Super-Sonic, dropping it down to 22 watts and giving this latest incarnation a fatter tone and more bass. With a passel of tubes and two channels, you can dial in your perfect guitar tone. The Super-Sonic 22 is designed for serious players desiring modern high-gain tones and industry-standard Fender clean tones - and it delivers it all perfectly! The Fender Super-Sonic 22 is built around a 22-watt all-tube amp driving a single 12" speaker. The Fender Super-Sonic 22 boasts a 6V6 power section that offers up a deluxe reverb-style feel with moderate output. Like its big brother, the Fender Super-Sonic 22 can conjure everything from classic clean to face-melting high-gain tones.

While not strictly a vintage reissue, the C12K is the first design that Jensen developed in the early ‘90s. It is tonally inspired by the classic vintage ceramic Jensen, but with a substantially stronger voice, full bass and smooth top end. The C12K became one of the speakers of choice for Fender®, used in a myriad of world-selling models. Vintage tone with modern power handling and dynamics are the key virtues of the C12K.

Lows -Tight
Mids - Aggressive
Highs - Subtle
Overdrive- Edgy/Crunchy
Guitarist Description - “A real workhorse, heavy on the mids with a solid, straightforward tone. Presented with overdrive distortion it powers through with lows that are bold and heavy.”

*Excellent condition